Naam japa counting machine

Naam japa counting machine

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Mantra Jap Digital Finger Counting God Name for Prayer Tally Machine (Multicolour)

Features and details

  • It helps you accurately register counts up to 99,999. This hand tally counter is extremely easy-to-use, durable and reliable. Whether you are counting attendance at a meeting, chanting or recording scores or balls during sport games
  • Counts up to 99, 999 Mantra, laps, runs, goals, strokes, hits, people, goods delivered etc etc
  • Made of high-impact plastic casing for durability, lightweight, and easy-to-read LCD display. Recommended for fast count operation (1 to 120 per minute).
  • This hand tally counter never skipped a beat and are 100% accurate.
  • Enables quick reset and the tough chrome plated case further ensures the counter's durability.


  • The world's smallest commercially available electronic tally counting device with fixed finger strap by Sanatana Karma
  • The soft, clear and adjustable ring band in this counter is used to hold the counter securely in the palm of your hand even when your hands are open.
  • Large and high contrast display makes it easy to read This counter does not have an Off-On switch, instead the screen shuts down automatically after a period of inactivity.
  • Counter memorizes the last count while in off/ energy saving mode.
  • Counts from 0 up to 99,999.
  • Made of high-impact plastic casing for durability, lightweight, and easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Recommended for fast count operation (1 to 120 per minute).
  • 1. The counting of the passengers of the boats, trains, planes.
  • 2. The counting of the visitors during an exhibition, a fair, a festival or other events.
  • 3. The counting of the number of balls in a match.
  • 4. The counting of actions while exercising, jogging or, the laps you have completed.
  • 5. The counting of your stock in the warehouse or while cartons/boxes are being loaded into or remover from the trucks.
  • 6. Studies relating to circulation and pedestrian.
  • 7. Counting during pray.